This half-term, the Green team absolutely ANNIHILATED the house points competition and were the lucky winners of a dairy good afternoon….

Step one of ensuring that this was the best day ever: NON-SCHOOL UNIFORM! We polished off our Gucci trainers and rocked up to Forest in our finest attire.

Step two: YOU’VE GOT TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! To begin the afternoon, we designed our dream milkshake! AKA the perfect shake that we’ve all been drooling over in our sleep for the past 45 weeks!

Step three: Using a variety of flavours and toppings, we caused absolute CHAOS! Just kidding…. we began creating our milkshakes!

Step four: The most important step of all…. GETTING IT DOWN OUR NECKS! I think we’ve set a new world record for inhaling dairy in 0.3 seconds!

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