Devran’s MOVIE review! πŸ“ΊπŸŽ₯πŸ₯°

Hey… you! Get off the sofa and get some fresh air NOW. No, I’m just joking – unless you want to read this blog post on your bench while it’s raining. Do you want to know what the best movie of the past… 2 decades is?!

* Drum roll please*….. The Terminal.

When a bulgarian man (Tom Hanks) arrives at the airport, he soon discovers that his home country was destroyed whilst he was midflight. Therefore leaving him without a valid passport – and us with an epic 90 minute movie to enjoy! The trials and tribulations that follow ensure this is NOT a film to be missed!

🌟🌟4.5 / 10🌟🌟

By Devran Mendil

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