📣 Mr Kay has a lot to say! 📣

Kaitlyn and Kobey got the download on one of Forest’s most popular new staff members. 🧐👀 Read on to find out the goss… 🤪🥳

What superpower would you have if you were lucky enough to be granted one? 🦸🏻‍♂️

I would teleport so that I can arrive in and out of The White House to steal top secret documents! ♣️

What was the last picture  you took on your phone? 📱👀

A frog’s life cycle made from fruit – this uni life is craaaaazzzyyyy! 🐸

If you had 10,000 pounds what would you spend it on? 💷💷💷

I’d travel the world (out of schools hours of course). I really want to fly over Niagra Falls because I once dreamt I was an eagle. 🦅

What’s your favourite car ? 🚘

Nissan GTR – might make me get to school on time! Hehehehe! (Yeah. He better get to school on time or Miss Galley will not be happy! 👵🏻)

What job did you have before starting at Forest? 👩🏻‍🏫

I worked in a local bakery and have learnt how to make the most amazing cakes (on further research we can confirm this is in fact true). All the staff agreed that his chocolate rocky road was the best they’ve ever tasted (soz Mrs Robinson 👵🏻 🥰) He best get some made for the Great Forest Bake Off (all happening  on Friday 20th March)

Do you prefer working in KS1 or KS2? 👶🏻

Oooooo, tricky question…… neither! 😂 Just kiddding please don’t fire me I’ve just bought a new caravan. 😭 Both Key Stages are lots of fun, but I must admit I do miss the little people for their adventurous spirits and ability to produce snot all year round! 🥳

Lastly, what is your favourite food? (we have noticed he has a school dinner every day so he must love his fodder)

My all time favourite thing to eat is…. Cocopop curry! 😋😍 Joking…. It’s fishfingers and chips! I LOVE fishfinger Friday at Forest. 🎣 🥰

Mr Kay during his first day in Year 1/2! ☺️

Wow! What a fascinating interview! I need to reread this a few more times to process! See you all on the flip side! 😎😎😎 #stayfunky

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